The Sheep in                                                               
Sheepy Hollow at Native Oaks Farm

The sheep in Sheepy Hollow at Native Oaks Farm,
are raised for meat production. The sheep and lambs have plenty of room here and they have sheltered facilities from and to which they may go as they please in inclement weather. We grow all the necessary feed for the sheep here on own cropland. Our sheep are technically not grass-fed only. We do raise and produce our own grain that helps feed the sheep in the winter and early spring.

They are a mixed breed of sheep that we have carefully developed after years and years of experimentation on those breeds that would produce the best meat product.

The sheep and lambs love to be outside as much as possible. Lambs are born in late winter and throughout the spring. They are raised on pasture-land and, in the winter, on home-grown hay supplemented with grains and minerals. We do provide  excellent shelter that is accessible to them whenever they want or need it.

We do not use pesticides, hormones, antibiotics or GMO seeds on our farm. We do vaccinate and de-worm following the standard guidelines for sheep. The animals are processed under federal inspection at Minnesota family-owned butchering facilities.







what they're saying


What they're saying about lamb from Sheepy Hollow!

"Anne Leck is the woman behind
Sheepy Hollow, which produces the best lamb around in my opinion."

                         [Trout & Caviar Blog]


"Tell Anne the lamb was wonderful and the butchering was perfect!"
[Lynn Alpert, founder/owner of the former New French Café]

"My wife and I had our first taste of lamb the other night. My, oh, my,
simply the best lamb I have had since eating in Dieppe, France, where the lamb eat grass that itself is impregnated with salt. Thanks you so much for raising these fine animals..."
[Richard, Medina, Minnesota]


"Oh, my! The Midtown Market has only been closed for 2 weeks, but I miss you all so much already. I can't thank you enough for all little favors you did for me this year. You feel just like family.'



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