Sheepy Hollow at Native Oaks Farm


Spring 2016 in Sheepy Hollow


Here, in Sheepy Hollow
at Native Oaks Farm

we raise lamb for meat production. The sheep and lambs have plenty of room here and they have sheltered facilities from and to which they may go as they please in inclement weather. We grow all the necessary feed for the sheep here on own cropland.

Native Oaks Farm is located in Minnesota's western Twin Cities Metropolitan Region. We are about 35 miles northwest of Minneapolis/St. Paul International Airport (MSP) and 25 miles straight west of downtown Minneapolis.




We purchased most of this land in 1979 and immediately began farming it again, after it had been neglected for a number of years. The farm's land actually spreads into  the two communities of Minnetrista and Independence. Our residence is in the latter, an exciting, unusual and small community that seeks to preserve open space and a rural atmosphere in the middle of rapidly sprawling suburban development.

To further add to the confusion, our mailing address is Maple Plain (55359) because that is the post office that serves us.

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No Longer in the Horse Business
Though we are no longer in the horse business, the farm began with the determined and specific purpose of breeding, raising and training Hackney Horses.  The famous old breed had been declared "in danger of extinction" and Anne wanted to play a part in continuing and sustaining it.  We think we were very successful with this program and now our horses, with the prefix name of "Native" are competing successfully in pleasure driving competitions and combined driving all over North America.


Native Admiral,
one of the early products of our Hackney Horse
breeding program, was very successful in both
pleasure driving and combined driving competitions.
Here he is shown in a dressage competition,
driven by his long-time owner, Mrs. Macy Hill

Soon after getting our Hackney Horse breeding program off the ground, we began breeding "Native Warmbloods," our own invention and an entirely practical, productive and dependable breed of pleasure horse. Many of our "Native" horses are now fox hunting in the fields of the Carolinas with great success. A few of them have had some success as open jumpers. They also have proven themselves successful as both pleasure and combined driving horses. [To learn more about these driving disciplines, visit the web site of the American Driving Society.]

Now we have discontinued our horse program and we concentrate exclusively on our production of high quality, grass-fed lamb (though Anne does continue to judge a significant number of horseshows each year).

Sheepy Hollow at Native Oaks Farm
In 1984 we established
Sheepy Hollow at Native Oaks Farm. Shortly after, we began selling cut and frozen lamb to a group of customers in our region. Since then, we've increased our production capability four score and we now feature our product at farm markets in the region. We've worked hard and successfully to create a naturally raised, grass-fed lamb that proves to be tasty, tender and lean. We have hundreds of satisfied customers, so we think we achieved our goal. If you wish to order either sides of lamb or whole lamb from us, please contact us or go directly to our printable cutting order and just print it, fill it out and mail it to us. We fill these lamb orders both in the spring and fall. You can find out more about lamb cuts and a great deal about lamb, sheep and mutton on a very complete page by About.Com: All About Lamb, Sheep and Mutton.

Approximately 300 lambs are born in Sheepy Hollow every year. They arrive in singles and as twins or triplets. They are watched over carefully, sorted when they are born and kept with their mothers in lambing pens. As soon as the babies are strong enough and are capable of identifying their own mothers, they are sent to open pasture land to romp and play.

We produce nearly 100 percent of the crops necessary to sustain our operation right here on our own farm or on very close by property that we lease. Only in exceedingly poor crop years do we have to reach outside our own operation for hay and/or feed. This is an important and significant factor because it allows us to control the quality of the feed we raise for both our horses and our sheep.

The Luce Line recreation trail runs immediately through our property and those who use the trail are treated to the sight of our grazing horses and sheep on either side of them as they move through the farm. We are fortunate to have wonderful neighbors. Immediately to our east is the lovely Windsong Farm Golf Club, a private and magnificent facility, and one of Minnesota's finest golf courses. It addition to golf memberships, it is possible to purchase dining memberships. Dining at Windsong is a treat and they serve creative and exciting lunches and dinners. To learn more, go to the Windsong Farm web page.

From behind the 16th green at Windsong Farm Golf Club in Independence. The club is one of our good neighbors.

The land to the Northeast of us (north of County Road 6) is also owned by Windsong Farm Golf Club and they are holding that land for future and undetermined use. Currently it is in crops and is farmed. Straight north of us is a fine public golf course aptly named Pioneer Creek Golf Course. It's on land that was formerly a dairy farm and Pioneer Creek ambles all through the golf course before it begins its journey through our property and on to Ox Yoke Lake. To our west is a fabulous Andalusian horse farm with spectacular rolling and wooded property. And immediately south, all along our property is Ox Yoke Lake.

Less than 3 miles away from us is the beautiful Polo Grounds, the home of the Twin Cities Polo Club. About 3 miles west is Ames Farm, another exciting neighbor that produces some of the most highly praised and prized honey in America. And just over 3 miles north is Peterson Produce, a stopping place for us all during the growing season. They provide some of the most wonderful vegetables you'll ever taste. Nothing makes life more exciting than good neighbors. About five miles southeast you can find Minnetonka Apple Orchards, a wonderful place to buy apples and apple products. The owners of the farm have won the annual Minnesota Farmer of the Year Award and can boast many other significant awards.

Watertown, Minnesota is 6 miles straight west. Maple Plain is 6 miles to the northeast and Delano is 6 miles to the northwest.  Saint Bonifacius, Minnesota, where our son Mark has his business,
St. Boni Motorsports, the sponsor of this web site), is 6 miles to our south. So, if you get to any of those spots, you're only 6 miles away.

Visits to the farm are by appointment only.

We hope you'll take the time to browse through our web site and find out more about us. If questions remain and keep you thrashing around at night, unable to sleep, please contact us and we'll try to answer your queries.





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